artists x luve

we encourage artists to see luve through their creative eyes and represent our world with their unique and authentic style.

Piero Percoco x luve

Piero Percoco (therainbow_is_underestimated) is a self-taught photographer from Sannicandro, a small town in the province of Bari, where he still lives. 

He is one of the most original contemporary Italian authors to emerge in the last few years and he is an expert connoisseur of the art of grasping the essence of certain southern Italian nuances. 

Last summer, we hosted Piero during “San Rocco” the patron saint’s festival in Venosa, the small town in Basilicata where we source our crispy Aglianico rosé.

Here, Piero immersed himself in the multi-colored celebration and leveraged luve to capture the village's most fascinating yet unusual details.

We cannot wait to unveil the results of his work. Stay tuned!

Criato Lab x luve

Giovanni Lentini and Rocco Casella are two young storytellers who love to play with the video camera to unfold surprising narratives supported by neat photography.

In their stories, you can expect the unexpected or not expect anything. And this is precisely what happened last summer when they built around luve, three unusual situations where our luve suddenly turns into the main character.

Sit back and enjoy their work!

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